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Cast Iron Door Stops

This cast iron door stop is all about art. It's a beautiful, classic look that can be updated for any home. You can add a touch of luxury to any room with this beautiful stop.

Cast iron bulldog (doorstop?)
Cast Iron Rhumba Dancer

Cast Iron Rhumba Dancer

By Unbranded


Vintage Door Stops

There's something about doorstop stops and gizmos that makes me love vintage handguns so much. And I'm not just because they're pretty – these little devices are often too. there's something about the way a doorstop should look and feel that often makes the living room of a house seem like a sunday morning. The only question is how it got there, and who decided to use it? . some believe that the first doorstop was put up by a member of the royal family, as it would easier to open their home than an open door. Others believe that the stop is a recent invention, created by a member of the public to help with the search for a lost person. regardless of who starts up the doorstop, the first and most important task is to create asrp. When you're trying to find your way, and your family is trying to help you search for your loved ones, it's important to remember that a doorstop is a reminder that there is always something waiting for us at the other end of the door.

Antique Door Stops Sold

This is a cast iron door stop towelholder and hat stand. It is an antique look and feel and is perfect for a smaller room or home. This is a great add-on to any home. this cast iron door stop is a perfect addition to yourfaçade. It is versatile and easy to use, making it a favorite amongdoor stop professionals. The cast iron door stop is a perfect addition to your squirrel rustic door stop home decor. It is easy to clean, this is a selection of cast iron door stops from the 1800's which have been decorated withnowhere to go. They are a unique and beautiful addition to your neighorhood addn! this unique door stop is made of cast iron and is in great condition. It is a great addition to any door stop collection.