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Pocket Door Hardware

Looking for a way to make your life easier and your pocket bigger? look no further than the johnson hardware pocket door hardware set! These large, but manageable pieces of hardware can help keep your door open and safe from damage.

Johnson Hardware Pocket Door Hardware Set
Round Pocket Door Lock Bed/Bath Latch

Round Pocket Door Lock Bed/Bath Latch

By Stone Harbor Hardware


Pocket Door Handles

Pocket door handles are a great way to keep your door closed and keep your hand from going into your pocket while you're closed up. They're really easy to make and you can make them with any type of door. I love make pocket door handles with brass hardware. It makes it stand out more and it's also more durable. 1) find a sturdy door. It can be a challenge to make the pocket door handle with brass hardware because many times the door is too strong. But if the door is sturdy, the handle will be made from brass. 2) cut off the top of the door. Once you've found the door that's strong, you can cut off the top of the door. This will make the handle from the bottom up. 3) last but not least, you'll need a handle made from metal. Metallic stickers or a piece of metal with a padlock will do the trick. 1) get a piece of metal that will be strong enough to hold the handle. 3) add stickers or a padlock to the handle. 4) place the door handle on the metal so the top of the handle is facing the door. 5) place the key ring or key in the pocket and close the pocket door handle. 6) enjoy your new pocket door handle!

Top 10 Pocket Door Hardware

The johnson hardware pocket door hardware set is a great way to keep your door hardware clean and organized. The set includes - 2 pocket doors: a hardshell pocket door and a pull out hardshell pocket door. It also includes - 1 pocket knob: a training pocket kern pocket door. The pocket door hardware is all you need to get your home achleid back to style like never before. This easy to use hardware lets you easily adjust the track to your specific climate and size needs. Plus, the adjust rollers make it easy to get the door to look like it was made from the inside out. This is a pocket door hardware store that sells privacy locks, locks, and locks. They have a solid brass finish with a satin nickel finish. Our pockets are perfect for carrying your keys, cards, phone charger and more. The pock-et door hardware is a great addition to any room and is available in a variety of colors and styles.