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Vintage Pocket Door Hardware

This is a great opportunity to purchase door hardware from the past that only has a bit of left to this day. Take a look at our store and see what our customers are looking for. Picks and fits are in stock, and will be available during our event on sunday. We will have a variety of what we call "sale items" which are available for pre-order. We will have the hardware in store on site, and can process quickly and easily.

Round Pocket Door Lock Bed/Bath Latch

Round Pocket Door Lock Bed/Bath Latch

By Stone Harbor Hardware


Old Pocket Door Hardware

In old pocket door hardware country, there are many different styles and sizes of hardware. You can find a variety of screws, washers, and nuts throughly. However, the best way to get started is to start with a basic model. the best way to start is to get a basic model. there are many different types of screws, the basic model is a great starting point for getting started with hardware. there are many different types.

Antique Pocket Door Pulls

This unique design reverse sargent pocket door pull handle is from the eastlake design series. It is a shortened length of pull handle with old-fashioned keyhole design. The sargent field is inoff white on the sides and the design is remake on the front. The enameled pocket door pulls are in service with this design from the early 1800's. this beautiful keyhole pull plate is made of vintage brass and is a perfect addition to your old pocket door. It is about 5. 5 inches wide x 2. 5 inches wide and has aunique design that allows the pulled strings to play music. The body is keyed on the back so that it can open monotonically, but the front is notkeyed. This keyhole pull plate is perfect for a variety of use and everyday use project this is a vintage eastlakevictorian brass pocket door pulls plaque set. It includes 2 plaque sets (1 with hardware and 1 without). The set contains 1. 5" inch plaque with hardware. 5" inch plaque without hardware. these pocket door hardware features are vintage and from a traditional period piece. The pulls are 12-421 and are in great condition. They are 1. 5 inches long and the sides are 1. 25 inches wide. They are a goodcondition for use in a pocket with a door that opens and closes.